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Boutique Transport

Boutique Vans  Transport

Boutique Vans have become increasingly popular in Australia and if you have a Boutique Vans that is interstate, or you have bought one from an interstate seller, and need it brought home, call Openica Logistics. We’re experts at interstate Boutique Vans transportation.

Health Care Transport

We also have access to fully decked out boutique vans for the longer journey such as road trips or interstate travel. These are mini luxury hotels on wheels. You can rely on us to get you where you need to go on time safely and our transport team go the extra mile to make sure you are comfortable and relaxed. With competitive prices, flexibility and commitment to safety. Emucare offer holistic service provision under one umbrella.

More Than Just A Chauffeur Service We Offer You Personalized Care

Boutique Services recognize that one of the barriers to achieving your goals is access to reliable, cost efficient transport and offer a variety of transport options to take you to and from appointments, to take you shopping or to activities, to allow you to go and visit friends and family or to go to places you’ve never been before and would like to see.

Our  Client

Emu Care Service providing exceptional disability support is our client to help disable people in transport service.

Quick View & Control

Transport managers can view the whole school Van transportation

Smart Routing

Find routes that are efficient with the help of highly advanced algorithms

School students tour

Our Vans take cost away

School Transportation   Services

In the past decade, school transportation has gained a lot in importance. This is primarily due to a faster lifestyle and increased safety threats


We aim to give you a perfect school trip, with well-arranged schedules and highlight attractions all your way.


Our guides are versatile assistants that will enhance and enrich your trip; they have you back while you enjoy our school tour.


One-on-one travel consultant service is available on hand throughout the day, all for free, and all for your worry-free travel.

Our  Vans

Corolla Fielder

toyota commuter 2016

toyota coaster 23 seater

melbourne tour coach

Personalized Approach

We walk you through the entireVans transport process. Stress-free solutions no matter what your shipment needs are.

Expedited Transport

Pickup and deliver your travel trailer as fast as possible. Same day-next day services when available.

Help & Support 24/7

Our hours extend a 9 to 5 auto transport company. We are always available to answer your transportation questions.

We have Customised Vans  For an Amazing Travel Experience

We ask that you carefully prepare your travel Vans for transport. Following these simple steps will help make sure that there are no safety incidents or delays during your Vans transport.